Valve Positioner

RK VALVE POSITIONERS positions the Control Valve accurately with respect to the input signal from the controller, regardless of Packing box friction, actuator hysteresis or unbalanced forces on the valve plug. Thus, RK Valve Positioner ensures a reliable and accurate operation of Control Valve.

Specifications : Input Signal 3 to 15 psig or 0.2 - 1.0 kg / cm2g as standard, split range available on request

Stroke Range : 3/8" to 3", 3" to 4"

Action : Direct / Reverse

Accuracy : Within 1% of Valve Stroke

Application : Accurate positioning of control valve in accordance with input signal


  • Minimizes the stem frictional force
  • Fast response
  • High accuracy & stability
  • Based on pneumatic force - balance principle
  • Employs a sensitive bellows
  • Adjustable stroke range upto 4" provides flexibility to use with any actuator
  • Direct and Reverse action option
  • VP5 model can be used for rotary movement 60°/90°
  • VP5 model can be used for double acting actuators
  • Stainless steel version available in VP5 model
  • Responds to extremely small changes in control signal
  • Reduces time lag of the signal from the controller to the valve
  • Useful for operating actuators with spring range higher than the control signal range, thereby reducing actuator size
  • Permits split range operation of control valves