Butterfly Control Valve – Series 80

RK SERIES 80 BUTTERFLY VALVES can either be used for throttling or Two position control of gas, liquid and fluid with suspended solids. With an elastomer or teflon sleeve, it can also handle corrosive fluids. Thereby, making RK Butterfly Valve a very versatile solution.

Pressure Ratings: ASME class 150.

Application: Steel, Sugar and textile industries and specially for fluid containing slurry particle. Used for on-off as well as control applications.


  • Wafer style connection for through bolting between flanges
  • Concentric design as standard, offset design for special application
  • Metal to metal or Sleeved type construction
  • Choice of various elastomers or PTFE sleeves
  • Tight shut off with rubber sleeves, leakage class VI
  • Minimum obstruction for flowing media
  • High Flow Capacity, very high Cv to body size ratio
  • Simple & Light construction
  • Sleeves easily replaceable at site
  • Pneumatic diaphragm or rotary actuator options alongwith various accessories
  • Flow characteristics approx equal % in the control range
  • Ideal for low pressure application