Pipeline Desuperheaters – Series 40

RK PIPELINE DESUPERHEATERS provide a convenient method of reducing superheated steam or other vapours to temperatures approaching saturation. The superheated vapour is passed through a section of pipe into which is fitted a spray nozzle that produces dispersed droplets, from a supply of pressurised condensate. These fine particles promote almost immediate evaporation, the required heat being absorbed from the super heated vapour, thus reducing the temparatures

Pressure Ratings: ASME Class 150 - 600. Condensate Connection : 1.1/2"
ASME Class 900 - 1500 Condensate Connection : 2"

Application: Generally applicable to Power and Sugar Industry.


  • Temperature control to 6°C of saturation
  • High rangeability variable area spray unit
  • Accurate and repeatable control of fluid temperature
  • High spray water pressure capability
  • Tight shut off
  • Wide range of available nozzle size
  • Erosion resistant materials of construction
  • Ease of installation, Low maintenance