Diaphragm Valve

RK SERIES DIAPHRAGM VALVES are used for application involving slurries, suspended solids, viscous or corrosive services or where tight closure (Bubble Tight Shut Off) is a prime factor.
While primarily designed for on-off services, it will provide proportional control action when used with a positioner.

Pressure Ratings: ASME 125 to 150

Application: Used in various types of industries, water treatment, thermal power, nuclear power, food and beverages, mining, petrochemical, refineries, fertilisers, steel, sugar etc..


  • Casting standardized to IS210 grade cast iron
  • Better sealing and longer diaphragm lilfe with the help of wier desgin
  • Stronger bonnet design to take care of higher thrust and support to the diaphragm
  • Diaphragm construction design with exclusively reinforced fabric
  • Fail safe assembly on auto valves totally protects process-operation in the event of
    electrical power or air supply failure
  • Available in various linings to handle different-fluids