Pressure Reducing Valve – Series 60

RK SERIES SELF ACTUATED PRESSURE REDUCING VALVE is ideal for application where downstream pressure requirement is constant. They are used in various process lines, equipments & system, including water lines, Nitrogen Blanketing systems, Fuel control systems and LPG distribution systems. RK PRV provides a reliable and economic solution for Pressure Regulation.

Pressure Ratings: ASME class 150 to 300

Application: Used in fertilizers, chemical, and pharmaceutical plant etc. and other process industries.


  • Wide reduced pressure range
  • Self actuating type, does not require any auxiliary energy
  • Long trouble free service
  • Valve Disc is reversible and can be changed quickly for renewed life
  • Pressure balanced design, any fluctuations in the inlet pressures has negligible effect on the regulated pressure
  • For Downstream or upstream pressure regulation
  • Simple and economic design
  • Minimum moving parts
  • Flanged end, Socket end or screwed end connections
  • Pressure adjustment by single adjusting screw